Is a Scam?

With so many car auction scam sites out there, it is natural to be wary of them all. So, at first glance you may wonder if is for real or not. The good news is that we've tested them out and they passed with flying colors. We even requested a refund to make sure that was legit and received it within 72 hours which was a total surprise. has plenty of newer model cars, with listings in every state. They even have a search feature that allows you to see what cars have sold for at previous auctions so you can get an idea of how much you can actually save by attending one of their auctions. The site is user-friendly and their database can be accessed anytime of the day from any computer in the world. You can choose between a two year or a lifetime membership, depending on your needs. They even answered our emails within 24 hours, making them our #1 pick.