Car Auction Buying Tips

Car auctions can be the best way to get a high quality car when you're low on money. Or when you just want to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on you dream car. Bidding at a car auction is fairly easy. Follow these tips to make it even easier.

1. Always arrive early: This will give you enough time to look at all of the cars you want without being distracted by the crowd.

2. Bring enough money: I know this sounds obvious, but there are often taxes and auction fees added on top of your initial bid. This can leave you without enough money to pay for the car you bid on.

3. Don't get too attached: Being attached to a car at the car auction often leads to bidding more than the car is even worth. Don't get into a bidding war unless it's a car that you can't live without.

4. Bring a mechanic: Unless you know your way around cars, it's a good idea to bring a mechanic with you to any car auction you attend. Having a mechanic check under the hood can save you from buying a lemon.

5. Bring a Kelly Blue Book: Having a Kelly's Blue book with you will give you a quick way to see what the car is really worth. This can keep you from overbidding during the car auction and will also let you know if you're really getting a deal or being ripped off.

Following these 5 easy steps will improve your overall experience at any car auction you go to.

Car Auction Listings

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